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NJPA Pilot Outcomes Management Project (OMP)

Participating Psychologist Agreement & Consent Form

By enrolling in the pilot outcomes collection project, participant agrees to fully participate in the project as specified below.

Each clinician will provide some basic information regarding themselves and their practices. This information will include the clinicians age, gender and ethnic/racial background; the practice setting; the clinicians general orientation to treatment and the type of clients served in the practice. This information will allow the American Psychological Association Practice Organization (APAPO) to determine if the outcomes system appears to be differentially useful for psychologists. NJPA and APAPO will have a list of the participating providers in order to determine who participated in the pilot.

Each individual participant agrees to collect outcomes data on a minimum of 5 clients three times over the 12-week period. If possible, at least 1 of the 5 clients should begin the process with intake into treatment. However, clients currently in treatment may also participate. Participants are encouraged to collect outcomes information on every client currently seen in their practices. If participants wish to obtain benchmarking information and be able to compare their practice activities with the collective group of other providers, participants will need to collect outcomes information on at least 20 clients. Participants will be provided information regarding available measures, suggested frequency of use, and how to incorporate outcomes information into clinical practice.

Participants can decide to use any set of measures available for individual outcomes. Instruments available include the Outcomes Questionnaire (OQ45 and OQ30), Youth Outcomes Questionnaire (YOQ), Working Alliance Inventory (WAI), Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS), and Multnomah. Participants can suggest other public domain measures for inclusion. Outcome results are the property of the individual psychologist and will not be forwarded to the APA or any other entity.

Participants agree to have client complete measures three times over a 6-12 week interval. If the client is new to the practice, an ideal schedule would be intake (generally after the first session although some might opt to have measures completed even before first session), at six weeks and at twelve weeks. A participant could direct the client to complete measures more often than the outlined schedule. Also, if it is known the client will be in treatment for less than 12 weeks, the participant should request completion of measures at the mid point and end of treatment, whatever the length of treatment. Clients in treatment for more than 12 weeks would be encouraged to periodically complete the same set of measures. Participants can opt to complete the therapist version of the WAI and will need to complete a brief rating scale of client progress when the client completes measures for the purpose of comparing whether the measures being collected map onto participant impression.

Participants agree to respond to pre and post evaluation questionnaires designed to determine the feasibility of the project, whether it met the particular clinical or administrative needs of their practice, their satisfaction with the project, and their suggestions for the ongoing development of the outcomes management system. Feedback might be solicited in several different fashions- by telephone interview, Internet survey or mail survey. Additionally, participants will be encouraged to provide feedback at any point to outcomespilot@apa.org. APAPO is specifically interested in learning about the feasibility and utility of the system and whether any modifications or additional elements are necessary.

By enrolling in the OMP, I agree to participate in the OMP pilot study and comply with the study's requirements and expectations as described above.

Please print a copy of this page for your records. Read the FAQ here.

1. If you are interested in participating please contact CarePaths, Inc. at 800.357.1200 or info@carepaths.com.


2. Please complete a pre-participation questionnaire. Your individual feedback is completely confidential and will be seen only by staff at APAPO. Aggregate feedback will be compiled and shared with NJPA and Carepaths for purposes of evaluating this pilot.